Introducing Qargo Coffee and who we are

Know a little more about the coffee brand that is empowering the creators across the United States

Coffee? We could try to put it in words but we’re sure that it would be very hard to describe its importance in our day-to-day lives, cause it is definitely more than just a beverage: it’s actually a way of working, studying, sharing and living.

It has always been a main part of our society and the special ingredient for bringing families, friends and colleagues together. And so, we’re convinced that since it was discovered, it has also changed the story of humankind and has developed and grown from the Ethiopian plateau to the nearest coffee shop in your neighborhood.

Welcome to Qargo Coffee! A brand that arrived in the US to empower the creators, one cup at a time.

Who are we?

Being aware of the importance of coffee in our society, we are definitely more than just coffee nearby: we bring you an inclusive experience and a safe space to create, share and enjoy.

With a greater purpose of providing a unique environment that is sleek, modern, and inspiring, we started off with an idea: to empower the creators. We want to attract people who endeavor to better the world in their given field and we want to be their go-to for meetings, readings and gatherings, while providing a tasteful high-quality experience thanks to our Lavazza premium products and our Bindi fresh baked pastries.

We’re proudly serving Lavazza

Lavazza is a leading premium coffee roaster and a global authentic Italian brand which is family owned for over 120 years. And since day one, we knew that aside from being a referent in the coffee industry, they would also be the perfect partner in our mission to provide the best out of the best, also because we wanted to share with the world the innite palette of coffee experiences we can imagine with our passion and expertise on coffee.

By now, you might be wondering what makes Lavazza coffee so different from the rest, and here’s the reasons why:

  • #3 coffee roaster worldwide

  • They are the leading single-product coffee company in the world

  • 27 billion cups of Lavazza coffee have been consumed worldwide

  • They produce 160.000 tons of roasted coffee per year

  • 1,000 varieties of coffee from 35 producing countries

  • Non-GMO verified products

  • Sustainability processes and standards to look after the environment

The best from us

At Qargo Coffee, we’re committed to offer the highest quality coffee and that’s why, along with our Lavazza products, we have a professional barista on each and every of our shops, to ensure that every sip takes you back to that first time you had a coffee, to that date that turned into a great friendship or to that idea that transformed your career.

Some of our most important products include cappuccino, espresso, americano, macchiato, mocha (moka), cold brew beverages and even some hot teas, ice teas and Lavazza treats. And if your mouth is watering by now, it’s probably because you’re also ready to be empowered by us.

What’s next for us

Now that you know a little more about Qargo Coffee, we’re sure that pretty soon you will stop googling “coffee near me” to start visiting our nearest store. And the best of it all is that we’re just getting started, because so far we have been able to open almost 10 different locations across the country and we’re about to get even closer to you with malls, shopping centers, takeout coffee nearby and many more products, services and places.

So now, are you ready to be empowered by us? Visit your nearest Qargo Coffee and find out why we are not only a new option but the best option to enjoy, share, create and change the world, one sip of coffee at a time.

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